Fırat Indoor Installation Piping Systems

Fırat introduces its expertise in PVC, PE and PP piping and fittings to indoor waste and clean water systems to extend the life and value of your home. Indoor installation piping and fittings systems manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and implemented accurately ensures healthy operation of the combi boiler and heaters, protects your tiling and parquetry. It ensures better heating by consuming less energy.


Fırat Infrastructure Piping Systems

Fırat produces the unseen modernistic face of many cities in Turkey and in the world with infrastructure piping systems that withstands long years. Reflecting its innovative power and engineering know-how in plastic technologies, Fırat is a leading company both domestically in Turkey and in projects contracted in Middle East, North Africa and Europe with infrastructure piping and fittings manufactured from PE and HDPE raw material.


Firat Drainage Pipe Systems

Fırat PE and PVC Drainage Pipe Systems are successfully used in agriculture, for drawing unwanted waters away from the field, regenerating muddy, sludgy fields, for infrastructures of sports complexes, shoulder drainage of highways, protection of buildings and constructions, foundations of which contains water.


Firat Drip Irrigation Systems

Fırat Drip Irrigation Pipes and Systems deliver the water needed by the plant to the closest point to the root in a controlled manner. Thus, water loss is minimized. Labyrinths placed in Fırat Drip Irrigation Pipe ensure 50% saving by delivering required amount of water to the plant root and irrigation can be carried out on low gradient soils without causing erosion. Fırat drip irrigation pipes makes your fosters your soil.