FKS pipes are produced from HDPE raw material in various type and ring rigidity classes with up to internal diameter of 3.600 mm.

Muff parts of FKS pipes are welded with electro-fusion and they are made ready to use by welding in a short time. Its internal diameter is up to 3.600 mm and any kind of silo, tank, manhole and special application materials can be made.

Since hygienic HDPE is used in the FKS production, it can be used in transportation and storage of any kind of foodstuff successfully.

Since the internal surfaces of FKS pipes are produced at light-reflecting yellow color with co-extrusion technology, it provides great advantage in the controls to be carried out with a camera through channel.

Since FKS pipes has high impact resistance, they do not cause any losses either in transportation or storage areas as well as they provide great saving in the transportation and storage area by stacking one on another and telescopically.