Since distribution is maintained directly from collectors to radiator by laying a single column line down in the mobile heating system, 3-4 separate column pipe use, assembly and work problems do not occur as seen in the classic heating systems with radiator.   Further, unnecessary pipes are not observed in the living spaces.

Single Column Line
Instead of 3-4 column lines seen in the classic central heating systems, FIRATPEX Mobile Systems enables single column for distribution to all areas.

Easy Intervention 
Since sheath is used for piping installation in the FIRATPEX Mobile Systems, it is possible to replace pipes conveniently without deteriorating the furnishing in case of any damage. 

Process Easiness in the Boiler Room 
Problems such as collection of many columns in the basement and material, workmanship, insulation costs of horizontal pipes in the basement disappear with FIRATPEX Mobile System.

Aesthetic Appearance
Column and horizontal pipes cause undesirable appearances by narrowing the usable areas down.  No such appearances happen in the living spaces applied with FIRATPEX Mobile System.

In Mobile Heating Systems, temperature distribution is sustained as it will be intensified in the upper zones of the ambient. 

Corner conditioners must be used in the bends of 90 °C.  Corner conditioners prevent cracks and leaks by balancing the expansion of pipes.