Thousands of Fırat products, such as PVC window and door frames, PVC gutters, PVC drainpipes and attachments, PVC hose assemblies, rubber and PE-based hoses, PPRC indoor installation pipes and attachments, PP composite pipes and attachments, HDPE pipes and attachments, PP&PE sheets, LDPE pipes and attachments, EF attachments, PE attachments, PE 80 natural gas pipes, PVC and PE drainage pipes, FKS sewage pipes, FCS pipe systems, tunnel type drainage pipes, double-walled cable protection pipes, EPDM gaskets, TPE gaskets, metal injection products (hinges and window fittings), PEX mobile piping system and floor heating pipes, PEX pipes and metal attachments, PEX-AL-PEX pipes, sprinkler irrigation pipes and drip irrigation pipes  are at the service of customers in Turkey and many other points in the world.

Exempting glass and screws, Fırat is the only company that manufactures all parts constituting PVC window and door systems in the world plastics sector. Since one hundred percent compatibility between the components of PVC window and door frame systems can only be achieved by producing all of these under the same roof, all PVC profiles, EPDM gaskets, TPE gaskets, reinforcement plates and metal accessories are manufactured and integrated by Fırat in its own facility.

FIRAT PLASTİK KAUÇUK SAN. VE TİC. A.Ş. provides services for the PVC window sector with the brands Fıratpen, Winhouse and Gedizpen, as well as the product series Selenit 75, Selenit 75 Privia, Power 75, Garnet 70, Zenia Sliding, Opal 70 and Redonit 85.

After all the quality control tests are completed, Fırat products are offered to the market with Fırat Quality Assurance Confirmation. Fırat is the only company in the sector which holds international quality certificates such as RAL, GOST, SKZ, BDS, SABS, EMI, DVGW, TSE as well as all of the ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 system certificates.

Fırat has achieved customer satisfaction in over 70 countries with its products and has taken a significant, well-deserved position in the sector. Maintaining continuous growth and development, utilizing all resources and striving to achieve perfection through advanced technology are the objectives Fırat has adopted. The popularity of our products arises from reliability, durability, ease of access, practicality and after-sales support which result from Fırat’s endeavor for perfection and excellence.