Committed to abide by all national and international Environment Legislation Directives and Environmental Regulations, FIRAT PLASTİK AŞ fulfills all legal obligations and declares all legal assessment reports to the concerning ministry with the “Environment Management Unit” it has established.

FIRAT PLASTİK AŞ implements the Environment Management Programs and Projects to Safeguard Environmental Health prepared by the Environment Management Unit. It transforms the environmental awareness it has implemented, into environmental policy and shares that with its neighbors, suppliers and customers.

Our natural resources are diminishing with the passing time due to increase of world population and changing consumption habits. Urbanization, increase of population and increase of welfare level results in increased waste quantities. Therefore, natural resources shall be used efficiently by recycling wastes which can be used again. Glass, metal, plastic and paper/cardboard packaging is obtained by using our natural resources in the production process. Natural resources are consumed less, saving is made from space and power required for hauling and storing wastes and an affirmative impact is realized for the national economy through classification of the waste packaging used in the market and delivery of them to the recycling industry...

Our Esteemed Business Partners,

It will be sufficient for the environment if you classify the packaging we use to present our products according to their properties (paper, glass, plastic etc.) at the source and deliver them to the nearest packaging waste collection points. If there are no close by packaging waste collection points and your municipality is not carrying out such practices you can make an application to your municipality. Within scope of packaging wastes control regulations, province, district and first tier municipalities are obliged to establish a management plan for the collection of packaging wastes separately and collect them or have them collected otherwise.

Within this context (glass, plastic, paper, metal, wood) wastes produced due to consumption shall be classified at the source and delivered to the nearest Certified Recycle companies. You can contact Certified Recycle companies through website of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, Chairmanship of Waste Management Department Also you can obtain required support from our Environmental Engineers by calling Environment Management Unit of our company.

Living in an honorable and prosperous environment which provides freedom, equality and adequate living conditions are the fundamental rights of human. Human has significant responsibilities to protect and improve environment for the future generations.

Therefore; as FIRAT PLASTİK AŞ we call you to become aware and conscious to fulfill our responsibilities.

Best wishes,