Fırat purchases the PCV raw material used in the PVC Curtain Rail and Fittings quality-proven companies such as Petkim, Atofina, Sabic and similar who are the first choice raw material producers in the world.  All raw materials received are subjected to quality tests such as bulk density, particle-size distribution, K-number, viscosity number, dew test in the Fırat Receiving Quality Control labs.  

Fırat curtain rail and fittings produced from PVC raw material do not pose any harmful effect on human health. 

PVC (Poly Vinyl Clorur)

PVC is one of the most valuable chemical components in the worldwide chemical industry, used very widely across different sectors.  PVC is the primary of the amorph plastics.  It is a polymer in white or light yellow colors and has a powder form.  Due to its high resistance against acids, alkaline, fire, alcohol and benzene, its physical structure does not deform. 

No. Quality Factors Desired Value
1 Appearance By inspecting with eyes and hands under day light, production defects such as no foreign substance, gap, pore, crack, continuous dint etc. should not be found.  Uniform color homogeneity is required. 
2 Density 1,5 gr/cm3
3 PVC Amount (%) 75%
4 Rigidity (TS 1181 EN ISO 868) 75 Shore D
5 Ash Amount 25%
6 Behavior After Exposed to Hot Ambience  Must conform to Article 1.2.7 of TS 5358
7 Measurement Change After Exposed to Hot Ambience Must conform to Article 1.2.8 of TS 5358
8 Weight of 1 Meter Net Curtain rail must not be lower than 100 gr/m2
9 Load Resistance  After exposed to 10 kg load over a sample of 1 m2 for 3 hours, no deformation should occur on the curtain rail.
10 Dimensions It should conform to dimensions stated in the technical pictures within its tolerances.
11 Market Placement, Marking and Packaging Company Name, Brand, Production Date and Hour, Lot No and Dimension should be indicated.  It must be packaged in packs of 10 and 20