The basic task of R&D is to develop projects required to produce products complying with pre-determined standards and current and future demands of its customers, and to make investments accordingly. Our basic criterion in the investments is to catch ideal quality – cost performance. Our product range develops continuously thanks to the great investments we make on technology and it comprises 4500 units of different products.

Fırat has about 100 patents and utility model certificates received from the Turkish Patent Institute.

Our R&D department works in continuous cooperation with the universities, research foundations and institutions at home and abroad. In order to be able to sustain sharing of knowledge more effectively, it participates in local and foreign fairs, conferences, seminars and congresses. We are proud of leading the development of materials, products and technologies needed not only by our country but the whole world through our activities within the scope of “Framework Programs” which are supported by the European Union, and our work in the project groups in which we take part.