We are aware of our responsibilities as Fırat. We shape our production processes with the aim of leaving behind a more habitable world to our future generations. Our corporate vision, mission, culture, commitment to this land, values and ethical principles guide us to produce low-impact products.

We accordingly carry out our PVC Profile and PPRC Pipe manufacture and continue to invest in the future of our children by excluding the use of additives detrimental to human health and the environment (lead and heavy metals) in our products. We use environmentally friendly calcium zinc stabilizer in our PVC profile production.

Our is aim to comply with national and international health and hygiene requirements and produce conforming products in all geographies of operation. We carry out our production processes under our policy prioritizing human and environmental health above all else.  In this context, we do not use chemical components harmful to human, environmental and animal health in the products we produce in accordance with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations adopted within the framework of the European Chemicals Regulation Policy, which has been determined and enacted by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. In our PVC window and door systems and PPRC pipes constituting our main products offered to end-users under the brand Fırat, we have achieved CE marking and environmental impact declaration (EPD Certificates) for the sustainable use of resources for the first time in Turkey in line with our "sustainable product" policy. Our products are among the indispensable components of green, environmentally friendly and energy efficient buildings.

Environmental Product Declaration

One of the commitments we made in the perspective of sustainability is the 'Environmental Product Declaration' for the products we manufactured in 2015. Our organization is the first company in Turkey to commit to the Environmental Product Declaration for PVC Window and Door Profiles applicable in all markets, internationally certified and compliant with European standards.(https://www.environdec.com/en/Detail/epd629#.VV2Zo_ntmko)

EPDs are certifications defined according to ISO 14025 quantitatively assessing and declaring the environmental performance of a product according to predefined categories (raw material extraction, energy use and efficiency; material and chemical content; emissions to air, water and soil; waste generation) based on parameters specified in the ISO 14040 series. This method of declaration taking into account the ecological footprint of economic activities within the scope of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and the various emissions and waste values that occur during the production process, is objectively verified by international experts and is valid for organizations worldwide.

FIRAT is an international brand with its EPD certificates declared within the framework of sustainability and is the first company in its industry in Turkey with its certificates registered on the ECO Platform in Europe.(https://www.eco-platform.org/list-of-all-eco-epd.html)

The ECO Platform is a non-profit, international organization registering EPD Certificates established by ECO Platform-compliant EPD Certificate issuing institutions in Europe (Metsims; https://www.metsims.com), NGOs representing the construction industry and LCA experts. The aim of the ECO Platform is to enable the development of construction products with certified environmental impact information, in particular Type III EPD Certification. The EPD certificates registered on the ECO Platform allow such declarations to be used both at European and International level.

Climate Declarations

Having heard frequently in recent years to cause changes in the world climate system, we have made another commitment in order to examine the effects of global warming in our production processes, which is called the 'Climate Declaration' filed for our products. FIRAT is a pioneering company in the industry in terms of such commitment.

The Climate Declarations are statements of the value of greenhouse gas emissions in carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalents resulting from the life cycle processes of a product. The Climate Declarations are based on the results of life cycle assessment studies in accordance with ISO 14025. (https://www.environdec.com/en/Detail/epd604#.VV2Zo_ntmko)