General Definition

Fluids passing through the pipe at different flow velocities cause vibrations while hitting the pipe walls and obstacles in the pipe and make sounds that cause disturbances in living spaces.

Modern developments in the construction sector have accelerated housing delivery times. Construction companies needed quieter piping to reduce the additional labour costs and time costs for installation of insulation.

Silent Pipe Usade Areas

Due to its characteristics of being ecological, economic and soundproof Residence Pipe and Fittings is a preferable choice to be used in villas and multi-storey residences, hospitals, schools, hotels and industrial or sportive structures, etc. Silent pipes ensure for the sewage from the foundations and interior structures of buildings to be drained in an ideal and safe way without any leakage for long terms use (50 years).

Material Specifications

RESIDENCE PIPES AND FITTINGS are produced in 3 layers with a mixture of U-PVC and vinyl-copolymer (FRvinylflex) raw materials.

The inner Layer: is made of U-PVC with smooth inner surface.
The middle Layer: FRvinylflex® is a mineral-based additive developed in Fırat R&D laboratories which provides Residence pipes and fittings with soundproof features. 
The outer Layer: It is made of U-PVC which protects the pipe against external impacts.