In a similar way to the significance of energy resources, the importance placed with saving and efficient use of energy has been on the rise in recent times. 82% of the energy utilized by structural complexes is used for heating purposes. This rate corresponds to approximately 26% of the total energy that is consumed in our country. The heat loss in buildings arises from various sources: 40% through exterior walls, 30% through windows, 17% through exterior doors and balcony doors, 7% through roofs and 6% through the undersides of flooring. Due to this circumstance, residences come to the forefront as the most important areas for energy saving and PVC window systems stand out as the best insulation systems for the purpose. The fact that energy is the most limited and expensive resource gives “energy conservation” in window systems, which is actually insulation, even more prominence.

Fırat is blazing a new trail on this subject by presenting the “Fırat Insulated Slider Systems” which eliminates the insulation problems with slider systems used in residences and offices. When the windows are closed, the “Insulated Slider Systems” ensure insulation on all points via EPDM gaskets. Thus, external factors such as wind, noise and rain are prevented from being transferred inside.

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