The traditional dealers meeting of Fıratpen, Winhouse and Gedizpen Dealers took place with the attendance of 580 of our dealers in Sueno Deluxe Antalya between 23-26 November with the slogan "Take Action, Rule the Future”.

Opening presentation of the meeting was made by the Marketing Manager Dr. Mehtap Uluceviz. Uluceviz, who made separate statements for 3 brands of Fırat in the pvc windows sector, evaluated the year 2017 and shared the codes of the next year with its dealers. The preparation method of the presentation, which was followed-up with careful observation by full attendance, further increased the interest with the successful stage performance of Ms. Uluceviz. The afternoon part of the seminar started with technical presentation of Profile Production Manager Mr. Ahmet Koltuk about new products and questions & answers followed.

Award ceremony took place after the presentation on “Success” by Mr. Semih Saygıner, our World Champion Billiard Player. On the last day, Fırat dealers who were entertained by the great composer and singer Selami Şahin, had fun moments with backgammon and football tournaments. We would like to thank all our dealers for their participation and interest, and we wish them continuous success.