Basic principles of our Human Resources policy

  • With the upmost importance to our employees’ moral and financial rights; creating a workspace that is qualified, peaceful and comfortable.
  • Creating an employee structure where all of the employees have necessary knowledge and skills that their tasks require and to make necessary investments for their improvement.
  • Supporting employees in learning and improving themselves constantly while prioritizing their personal growth and career developments.
  • Creating an “institutional culture, motivation and awareness” by fulfilling the social and cultural needs of the employees.
  • Determining and applying training programs for employees which aim to increase task satisfaction, ensure that they are more successful in the work place, and that they acquire the required knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours. 
  • Creating and applying an in-house career management system that lets the employees progress, and prepares them for the responsibilities of the position above them, and that ensures the employees at all levels are evaluated in the most effective way.
  • Encouraging to award the high performance by evaluating the performance of the employees based on objective criteria. 
  • Always offering the best to our employees by practicing innovative human resources applications has been adopted as human resources policy.