2 new types of radiator valves added to the Fırat Metal Products.

  • New Type Corner Radiator Valve (with Pex Pipe Connection)
  • New Type Corner Radiator Valve 

These fittings are used for adjusting input and output flow rate of the heating fluid by being installed to input and output sections of the heaters. Housing, internal mechanism and connections of Fırat radiator valves are made of MS 58 brass material and EPDM O-Ring is used for ensuring tightness. 

Fırat metal new type radiator valves are produced in accordance with the TS 579 standard. As per the TS 579 standard, Fırat metal radiator valves are subjected to following tests. 

  • External Leakage Test in Closed Position
  • Internal Leakage Test in Open and Closed Position
  • Pressure Test
  • Thickness of Coating Test