Feeding of the daily water need of the plant (together with nutrients) drip by drip to the root of plant or earth surface by means of a system which filters the water and carries it through lateral pipes.


Inside the Fırat Drip Irrigation Pipes, “drippers” in equal ranges and these are integrated with a pipe. Flowing under a defined pressure throughout the pipe, water is taken under control by having it circulated in the channels on the surface of these drippers and it drips exactly to the root of plants with a time interval allowed by drippers (flow rate control).


  • With the use of drip irrigation pipes, water loss is minimized. 
  • Drippers that are placed in certain intervals inside the pipe sustain water to be fed to the plant root at desired amounts.  
  • Furthermore, with this method, water-soluble fertilizers are also fed to the plant root together with water.  
  • In the agriculture where conventional irrigation methods are applied, plant strikes so much roots in order to reach the water; however, since water is directly fed to the plant root in the drip irrigation system, so plant does not strike so much roots and therefore the force is fed to the product, not root. 
  • Since drip irrigation system lowers the moist in the air, it substantially prevents diseases such as fungus. 
  • Provides 60% saving comparing to conventional irrigation methods. 
  • Our products are has the certificates of Compliance Certificate to TS ISO 9261 Turkish Standards and Agricultural Accreditation Certificates.