Considering the increasing need of large diameter pressurized pipe in today, Fırat developed a new pipe system up to the 25 bar pressure class with various diameters.

FCS® is a system developed as a result of long and detailed works of Turkish and German engineers. FCS is designed not only as a pipe or fittings but also a whole system and, therefore, offers great advantages.

Accredited as a revolution in the plastic pipe class, FCS pipes are produced in Ø 800-4000 mm interval. Therefore, it has a broad area of use.

By making use of all advantages of HDPE, FCS pipe system poses HDPE properties in hydraulic calculations, chemical resistances and UV-resistance.

FCS is coupled by means of Electro fusion and butt-welding method and constitutes a whole system with fittings.


The main application area of the FCS pipe system can be defined as pressurized drinking and potable water.


  • Drinking water main distribution lines
  • Closed system irrigations
  • Penstock pipes of Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Pressurized sewage lines
  • Sea discharge lines
  • Lake crossing application
  • Industrial applications