When we think that we procure 75% of our energy from abroad, the heat losses become more important by means of efficient use of energy. In order to prevent the heat losses occurring in the windows requires a sort of window engineering. Criteria such as correct line, correct glass, location of the house and geographical location may prevent heat losses from windows up to 80%. Fıratpen started the PENESKOP application as of January 2015 for the purpose of making a positive contribution to the economy of the country with the effective use of the energy sources for which we are largely foreign-dependent.

Fıratpen offers appropriate solutions by measuring the heat losses in the aluminum, wood and old pvc windows via thermal cameras and prefers FLIR Thermal Camera Systems in such applications and shares these cameras with a certain number of point of sales. Fırat AŞ which started the certified assembly training for the first time in the sector in order to minimize the heat losses to be occurred especially in the exchange market, to decrease the negative customer feedback ratio and to protect the brand value, identified PENESKOP in detail in such trainings and completed the point of sale training accompanied with PENESKOP. Our point of sales which determine the most appropriate Fıratpen pvc solutions for your home via a free exploration, decreases the amount in your fuel bills.