The entire election placement process is executed in the context of the rules identified in ‘Personnel Demand and Procedure of Recruitment’. The applicant is evaluated in direct proportion to their compatibility for the job and the existing job definition. The main aim in the recruitment process is to employ the active human resource who has high motivation and who will be loyal to the company and will develop the company they are working with and bring Fırat to future. In the context of this aim, as we accept applications from our institutional website, our vacant positions are also published on the job hunting portals of which we are members and by having the applicants with the required qualifications apply, we carry out job interviews. The interviews are done based on the skills and in accordance with the task requirements;, oral and written language tests and sample case studies are done besides personality inventory, competence and skills tests. In consequence of the two-or-three-step interviews, suitable applicants are elected, then an offer is made to the applicant and with the acceptance of the applicant, the process of employment is completed.