• Input Quality Control
  • Process Quality Control
  • Output-Final Quality Control

Our products which have passed through all these tests and met the required quality conditions are offered for the use of our costumers.


Quality Control tests complying with the quality-production standards set by Fırat are applied to all types of raw materials and auxiliary materials coming from our suppliers. After samples taken in the scope of “Sampling for Approval” standards from each lot of raw materials and auxiliary materials supplied in lots by our suppliers pass from the tests of Physical Compliance, Chemical Compliance, Density, MFI, Humidity, Bulk Density, Viscosity Number, Distribution of Grain Thickness, K Number and Homogeneity in the Entrance Quality Control laboratories, it is compulsory that raw material obtains “Suitable for Production” approval.


In the production process carried out with raw materials and auxiliary materials bearing “Suitable for Production” approval, samples taken from the production lines during or soon after production are passed through the Process Quality Control tests determined by national (TSE) and international (SKZ, EN, DIN etc.) standard institutions in Fırat laboratories, and recorded regularly. Main Process Quality Control tests are as follows:

  • Test for Impact Resistance at Cold
  • Test for Dent Impact Resistance
  • Elongation Test
  • Density Test
  • Vicat Test
  • Wind Load Resistance Test
  • Leak Test
  • Air Permeability Test
  • Corner Welding Test

At the stage of Process Quality Control, product measurements are controlled constantly simultaneously with the production process and recorded. It is compulsory that our products pass through all the tests conducted in compliance with the control frequency and numbers set by the standards and obtain “Quality Approval”.


It is compulsory that after our products which have obtained quality approval pass through Packaging Compliance, Pack Compliance, Description and Label Compliance checks following automatic packaging and wrapping processes, they get “Suitable for Shipping” approval.

Also, apart from the quality control tests conducted in FIRAT laboratories, all our products are sampled from our production lines twice a year regularly, and subjected to quality control tests by the representatives of international test and certification institutions such as TSE, SKZ, IFT etc.