Before commencing soil improvement works, rain water drainage and cleaning of trackside ditches were completed at 70 critical points on the track. Thus, possible rain damages to the trail that can occur during high precipitation periods are prevented substantially. Two bridges on the trail which were about to loose their integrity due to their age were constructed again. The other two bridges were reinforced, maintained and repaired to ensure longer life. Borders were established on both sides of the trail using wooden railway sleepers to keep the materials installed on the trail surface together.

Why were railroad sleepers preferred?

  • It is a natural material,
  • Prevention of tree chopping since it is a reusable material,
  • Ability to attune to the environment in a short time and
  • They have a long lifespan.

Naturally washed and ground stone dust  was laid on the lower ground of the trail which was taken under control and geotextile felt was laid right on top of it to absorb impacts and to keep the material together for a length of 6200 meters. The top part was made of brickdust and brick granule mixture made of natural materials and baked under 800 degrees Celsius.

Neşet Suyu Trail with more 40% of it not suitable for healthy running and walking with large (rock) materials protruding on the ground due to erosion, with a rough surface due to water washout, now has a natural brick dust and granule surface which ensures athletes’ health.

The reasons for international authorities prefer brick dust are listed in the following articles.


  • 100% natural brick dust offers the flexibility, slippage features and ability to transmit the body electricity to soil unlike any artificial synthetic ground coating.
  • Brick dust coated surfaces prevent damaging muscles and body fatigue by providing a specific flexion.
  • Since artificial and synthetic ground coatings are not conductive they do not transmit the energy accumulated in the human body to soil and cause electricity accumulation in the athlete’s body up to 8000 volts. Death incidents occurring in mini football pitches due to the strain applied on athlete’s heart is a very well known fact by the medicine science.
  • Bones are affected much and fractures and dislocations are minimized in cases of falling incidents experienced on brick dust coated surfaces.
  • Since brick dust does not contain sharp constituents, injuries and scars do not occur on the skin and sporting goods are not damaged.
  • Physical exercises made for a healthier life shall not threaten human health. Harms of artificial fields emerge later just like the harms of smoking.


  • Is not torn, scratched, does not rot, discolor due to sunlight.
  • Is not affected from burning and tearing effects of cigarette stubs, glass shards unlike synthetic fields.


  • Color of the fields coated with brick dust addresses the human soul with fading and aging proof qualities. Also, it is a material that suits to the green environment in the best way

Opinions of Turkish Athleticism Federation Chairman Mr. Mehmet Terzi on the Trail

We appreciate your efforts for improving the walking and running trail in Belgrat Forest as being addressed for sponsorship by İstanbul Provincial Directorate for Environment and Forests.

We also appreciate the usage of brick dust as one of the healthiest ground coating systems for the athletes in rearrangement of the trail. As we know, before integration of synthetic surfaces which provide faster competitions to the world of athleticism, official competitions were mainly held on natural tracks with surfaces made of brick dust. The new improved trail is a great achievement for citizens who walk/run for a healthier life and performance athletes particularly participating in traditional Atatürk Race organized under our sponsorship.

We are grateful to your company and everyone who provided contribution for creating such a healthy trail for sport and for this long lasting support to athleticism.