Inspection Chambers shall be installed on the line in specific intervals to ensure regular and problem-free operation of infrastructure, rainwater, drainage and sewerage system lines of modern cities. Conventional inspection chambers employed in infrastructure and sewerage systems are being replaced by high-tech inspection chambers made of polyethylene due to lack of resistance to chemicals, heavy and bulky structure, production, handling, application and installation challenges. PE inspection chambers are widely employed in process water, return lines or water lines which require continuous circulation at industrial plants thanks to their superior features.

FIRAT PE inspection chambers are designed by taking all requirements of different infrastructure systems into consideration. In addition to standard types which have integrated ladder and are manufactured using rotational molding, Tailored - Fabricated Production method also uses numerous solutions for higher diameters and custom requirements according to your projects.

FIRAT PE Inspection Chambers ensure that the most suitable combination for the required height of your projects is realized and an economical solution is provided using conical top part, body and base members manufactured in different sizes using rotational molding technology.

FIRAT PE Inspection Chambers are manufactured using Rotational Molding Technology up to DN 1250 mm diameter and Tailored Manufacturing Method up to DN 2400 mm diameter as per TS 13598-2 standard.

Polyethylene inspection chambers have high chemical resistance. They are particularly preferred at areas with intensive corrosion and sealing requirements. Harsh chemicals which have a corroding effect with other materials in a short time do not impair the structure of PE material.

Rotational Molding Technology - Rotation

PE raw material is melted under high temperature and production is realized employing special methods by shaping the piece with the form of the rotational mould. It hardens at the end of the cooling period and constitutes a member of the inspection chamber.

Tailored - Fabricated Production

Manufactured by cutting spiral or corrugated type pipes made of polyethylene according to the project design and joining them by using extrusion welding technique.