Technical Informations / Manhole and Tanks

Since FKS pipe system is a system producing complete solution, especially manhole problem, as one of the major problem of the sewerage projects, is solved practically and safely with FKS system. The manholes that will be used in the project are produced in the Fırat Plants according to projects and joined with other pipes just like regular pipe joining in the application site.


This type of manholes especially fits to the places which have more than two inlet and outlets and return points. These types of manholes are ideal for pipes with inlet and outlet internal diameter is between 300mm and 700 mm.


In the FKS system, cylindrical, vertical and horizontal tanks with internal diameters between 300 mm and 3600 mm are produced. It is possible to mount any kind of inlet and outlet couplings, caps and valves to these tanks. FKS tanks are produced between 2000 lt and 50000 lt capacities.


It is the most economic and practical manhole application for the pipes with internal diameter of 800 mm and above in the FKS pipe systems. In this type of applications, standard manhole internal diameter is produced in 1000 mm and manhole is mounted tangentially to the middle section of the pipe line.