Application Techniques

Fabricated Inspection Chamber Applications

Fırat manhole systems are compatible with different piping systems in the market and custom inspection chambers suitable for your projects can be manufactured using fabrication method.

Jointing of inspection chambers in a pipe system can be realized with welding, sockets or seals.

Inlet-outlet connection for various types of pipes such as HDPE corrugated, HDPE flat, PP and PVC can be performed easily.

Installation Application

  • A pit is dug at the location to install the inspection chamber.
  • Base of the pit is compacted and hardened.
  • Excavation base is leveled using fine sand.
  • Manhole chamber is placed on the smooth ground.
  • Filling and compaction is performed in layers until the lower layer of pipe joint points.
  • Chamber and pipe joint is performed according to the procedure.
  • Filling and compaction process is continued in layers up to the cover level.
  • Cover is placed and compaction is completed with the finishing layer (asphalt, concrete, paving stone etc.)