Technical Informations / Life

FCS pipe are developed for a min. 50 year service life guarantee under nominal service pressure at 20 °C as a result of performance tests under conditions specified in ISO 9080 standard.

Properties Test Duration
  sLTHS ( Mpa ) sLPL ( Mpa )
20 20,2 18,2
80 8,5 7,4


Temperature Dependent Pressure Dropping co-efficient

FCS pipe system is designed according to 20 °C. Its max service temperature is 40 °C. However a continuous service is foreseen above 20 °C, below pressure dropping factors must be considered:

Properties Co-efficient ( fT)
20 1
30 0,87
40 0,74

For mid-temperatures, interpolation can be made. Allowed service pressure (PFA) is calculated with below equation:

PFA = fT .fA .PN

fT :Pressure Dropping Co-Efficient
fA :Application dependent (In water conduction fA=1), decrease factor (or increase factor)
PN :Nominal Pressure