Technical Informations

Produced from HDPE composite material, FCS pipes has the high top load resistance. They have high resistance against to loads that are effective on the embedded pipe systems and compound forces from earth load and traffic load. Production can be made in ring rigidity values such as SN 2 kN/m² and SN 137 kN/m²


FCS pipe production is carried out with a method different than conventional pipe production methods. Extruded bands that constitute the pipe wall thickness are wound over the heated steel mandrel with a cross spiral winding. Of the extruded bands, first layer of the pipe internal surface and the layer that is the end surface are reinforced with HPDE materials. Therefore, internal surface smoothness value sustains the HPDE value. As a result, external surface smoothness and brightness has been obtained during the time.

Since cross spiral winding method has not yet been tried method in the world, it is protected with patent rights.

With cross spiral winding, pipe texture is secured to a higher level against damages arisen from bruising and crashes.


Properties Test Method Test Duration Value Unit
Density EN ISO 1183   1,084 gr/cm³
Elasticity module DIN 53457 1 dk. 2515 N/mm²
  DIN 54852 24 saat 1804 N/mm²
Linear expansion coefficient DIN 53752   0,05 mm/mK
Oxygen induction EN 778   > 55 dk
Elongation Resistance ISO 527-4   38,6 N/mm²
Flow strain ISO 527   5,4 %
MRS     >18 Mpa