Sound Measurement - Response to Fire (Test Reports)

Fraunhofer 3.5 Residence Silence Test Report 2022

Fraunhofer 4.2 Residence Silence Test Report 2022

Fire Response Performance Classes for Building Materials Other Than Floorings

Equivalences of classifications of Inflammability of the material specified in “Turkish Building Fire Safety Regulations” with 2002/4390 numbered decision with the Fire Response Performance Classes for Building Materials determined by relevant EU decisions 

Inflammability of the material Europe classification (According to TS EN 13501-1)
Non Combustible A1
Not Easily Combustible A2 - s1, d0


B,C - s1, d0
A2 - s2, d0
A2, B, C - s3, d0
A2, B,C - s1, d1
A2, B,C - s1, d2
(minimum) A2, B, C – s3, d2
Normal Flammable D - s1, d0
D - s2, d0
D - s3, d0
D - s1, d2
D - s2, d2
D - s3, d2
(minimum) E - d2
Easily Flammable F

Standards and Test Reports of Residence Pipes and Fittings

The products meet the mechanical and physical requirements of BD class of TS EN 1329-1 standards.
BD Implementation class covers in-building and surface application areas, in-building under the surface application areas, and application areas up to the sewer connection of the building.

* Residence Pipes and Fittings  are categorized as Non-Flammable according to “Turkish Building Fire Safety Regulations” in the scope of 2007/12937 decision of the Ministry of public works and settlement.

* As a result of the fire response performance test carried out at UL, an independent US-based product safety certification agency, Residence Pipes and Fittings are categorized as V-0 non-combustibility.

* According to the inspection and test report prepared by TSI directorate of testing and calibration laboratories, the results from reaction to fire tests show that Residence Pipes and Fittings are categorized as B S2 D0 in the scope of TS EN 13501-1 +A1:2013-04 Fire Classification of Construction Products and Building Elements: classification using data from reaction to fire tests. Fire Class B, Smoke Formation S2, Flaming Droplets D0.


* According to the test report "Determination of Acoustic Performance in Laboratory Conditions of Waste Water Installation Systems" by Fraunhofer IBP Institute of Building Physics, the sound value of Residence Pipe and Fittings was tested at 11 dB for the 4.2 mm pipe and 11 dB for the 3.5 mm pipe.

Residence  Pipe Systems are soundproof.

According to the results of the sound level measurement test done at the Fraunhofer Institut Bauphysik (Germany)Residence Pipe and its fittings meet all national and international standard requirements.

Flow Rate (liters per second) 0,5 1,0 2,0 4,0
Characteristic Sound Level _ Decibels 3.5 mm (dB(A)) (Clamp-in Pipe System) <10 <10 <10 11
Characteristic Sound Level _ Decibels 4.2 mm (dB(A)) (Clamp-in Pipe System) <10 <10 <10 11