Raw Material

Sewage Pipe and Fittings produced from Fırat PVC raw material do not pose any harmful effect on human health.  They do not change the color, taste and smell of the water. 

FIRAT purchases the PVC raw material used in the Fırat Duplex PVC Pipe and Fittings from the quality-proven companies such as PETKIM, ATOFINA, SABIC etc. who are the first choice raw material producers of the world and all raw materials received are subject to Receiving Quality Control tests such as bulk density, particle-size distribution, K-number, viscosity number, dew test in the Fırat labs.  

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC is one of the most valuable chemical components in the worldwide chemical industry, used very widely across different sectors.  Polyvinyl Chloride is the primary amorphous plastics.  It is a polymer in white or light yellow colors and has a powder form.  Due to its high resistance against acids, alkalines, fire, alcohol and benzene, its physical structure does not deform.   Production from Rigid PVC raw material, Fırat Duplex Pipe and Fittings sewage systems is the most preferred sewage piping systems of the construction system, thanks to its weather resistance, fire-proof, high resistance and rigid structure features.



More than 50% of the products made up of PVC raw materials is used in the construction sector in the world.  Since PVC-based products are functional, easy-to-mount, robust and homogenous, they take the place of traditional construction materials such as wood, concrete and clay. 

PVC is used in many a areas, especially in building sector and they are everywhere in our life; we are sure that you used or know such products as window and door profile and tightness materials, pipe and installment materials, furnishing materials, hobby materials, roof valleys and fittings, power cables and cable insulation materials, greenhouse protection materials, ceiling coverings, audio and visual cassettes, discs, oxygen tents, blood and dialysis bags, serum hoses, water-proof rain-coats, life-jackets, footwear and boots, aprons, baby wear, toys, sport materials and many more.      PVC-based products are attributed as environment-friendly, thanks to its recyclable feature.