Technical Information


The seals used in Residence Pipes and Fittings are made from EPDM paste and thanks to their unidirectional and special outside shape they provide 100% impermeability. Produced according to TS EN 681-1 standard


*Residence Pipe and Fittings are produced in a grey colour.
* Feathered structure with increased impact resistance have been added to the muff sections.

Physical And Chemical Properties

Residence Pipes and Fittings meet the mechanical and chemical properties mentioned in the TS EN 1329-1 standard.

Serial Test Test Method Test period Test Temperature Required performance
1 Impact Resistance TS EN ISO 3127 - 0°C Max. 10 %
2 Vicat softening temperature TS EN ISO 2507-1 - 100°C Min. 79°C
3  Lengthwise dimensional change TS EN ISO 2505 30 minutes 150°C Max. 5%
4 Resistance to dichloromethane TS EN ISO 9852 30 minutes 15°C Any break down must not be observed.
5 Temperature Resistance test TS EN ISO 580 30 minutes 150°C Any break down must not be observed.
6 Leakage test (0,5 bar) TS EN ISO 13254 15 minutes 23°C Any leakage must not be observed.