Technical Information

What is Silent Pipe and Waste Water Systems Residence Pipe?

The liquids passing through the Waste Water Pipes at different flow rates hit the inside of the pipes and move through the building leading to vibrations during such progression causing disturbances in our living spaces. With the development of modern construction areas, the importance of silence and insulation has become increasingly important in preferred projects. The construction companies required quieter piping to reduce the additional labor costs and time costs for installation insulation. Thus, Fırat Plastik came up with Residence Silent Waste Water Pipe with a sound value of 11 Db for 3.5 mm and 11 Db for 4.2 mm suiting modern-day projects.

Silent Pipe Features

RESIDENCE PIPES AND FITTINGS are produced as three-layers of U-PVC and vinyl-copolymer (FRvinylflex).

Inner Layer: The smooth inner surface is made of U-PVC.Middle Layer: FRvinylflex® is a mineral-based additive developed at Fırat R&D laboratories providing Residence Pipes with soundproof features.
Outer Layer: They are made of U-PVC which protects the pipe against external impacts.

Improved Silence of “11 dB”

It is the Waste Water Pipe System, of which the silence feature has been attested in German laboratories. * According to the test reports of “Determination of Acoustic Performance of Sewage Installation Systems under Laboratory Conditions” carried out by Fraunhofer IBP Building Physics Institute, sound level of Residence Pipes and Fittings is 11 dB.

According to the results of the sound level measurement test done at the Fraunhofer Institut Bauphysik (Germany)
 Residence Pipe and its fittings meet all national and international standard requirements.

Flow Rate (liters per second) 0,5 1,0 2,0 4,0
Characteristic Sound Level Decibels (dB(A)) (Clamp-in Pipe System) <10 <10 <10 11


The gaskets used in Residence Pipes and Fittings are made from EPDM paste as they are 100% Water tight thanks to their unidirectional and special exterior shape. Exclusive gasket system reinforcing improved silence. Produced according to TS EN 681-1 standard

100% Impermeability Thanks To Unidirectional EPDM Seal and Exclusive External Shape


*Residence Pipe and Fittings are produced in gray color.
*Ribs are added in order to reinforce impact resistance of the pipe hub structure.

*Exclusive design ensuring physical resistance

Impact resistance enhancing Hub Pipe Structure

Technical Specifications of Residence Silent Pipe

Residence Pipes and Fittings meet the mechanical and chemical properties mentioned in TS EN 1329-1 standard.

Order Test Test Method Test Period Test Temperature Required Performance
1 Impact Resistance TS EN ISO 3127 - 0°C Max. %10
2 Vicat Softening Temperature TS EN ISO 2507-1 - 100°C Min. 79°C
3 Lengthwise Dimensional Change TS EN ISO 2505 30 minutes 150°C Max. % 5
4 Resistance to Dichloromethane TS EN ISO 9852 30 minutes 15°C Any break downs must not be observed.
5 Temperature Influence Test TS EN ISO 580 30 minutes 150°C Any break downs must not be observed.
6 Leakage Test (0,5 bar) TS EN ISO 13254 15 minutes 23°C Any leakage must not be observed.