Fırat metal ball valves are fittings used by plumbers while carrying out opening-closing etc. checks and tests by installing them to the input parts of the collectors employed in FIRAT PEX floor heating systems, FIRAT PEX mobile heating systems, FIRAT PEX water supply systems and similar systems. Housing, internal mechanism and connections of Fırat metal ball valves are made of MS 58 brass material and EPDM O-Ring and PTFE (Teflon) are used for ensuring tightness.

Fırat ball valves are subjected to the following tests as per TSEK* quality criteria.

  • External Leakage Test in Closed Position
  • Internal Leakage Test in Open and Closed Position
  • Pressure Test
  • Thickness of Coating Test (It is applied on the material in addition to standard tests.)

Installation and Usage Information for Ball Valves

  • The valve is designed for heating systems. It shall not be used for flammable-burning gas systems.
  • System pressure shall not exceed 25 bars and operating temperature shall not exceed 105°C.
  • For mini ball valves system pressure shall not exceed 16 bars.
  • Installation of the valve shall be carried out by a qualified plumber.
  • All foreign substances (dirt, sand etc.) in the system shall be cleaned before installation.
  • The valve shall only be installed with original fittings.
  • Installation direction shall be determined according to the arrow sign on the valve housing which show the flow direction.
  • Threaded parts of the fittings shall be covered with suitable sealing materials (teflon tape).
  • The valve shall be tightened from the corresponding section using a suitable wrench during installation. The valve shall not be tightened by using the housing.
  • Adjustment knob shall not be forcibly rotated past the end and the valve shall be used in fully open or fully closed positions.
  • Abrasive chemicals shall not be used to clean the valve.
  • System shall be protected against risk of freezing.It shall be protected against external impacts during storage, shipping, installation and operation.
  • Useful life established and announced by Ministry is 5 years.