Fırat collectors are the basic components of the system which ensures distribution of the fluid in the system and its recollection such as FIRAT PEX floor heating systems, FIRAT PEX mobile heating systems, FIRAT PEX water supply systems and similar systems. MS58 brass material is used in housings and other fittings of Fırat collectors.

Fırat collectors are subjected to the following tests as per TSEK* quality criteria.

  • Leakage Test
  • Pressure Test
  • Thickness of Coating Test (It is applied on the material in addition to standard tests.)

Collector Installation and Operation Details

  • The collector is designed for heating systems. It shall not be used in flammable-burning gas systems. 
  • System pressure shall not exceed 16 bars and operating temperature shall not exceed 105 °C.
  • Installation of the collector shall be carried out by a qualified plumber. 
  • All foreign substances (dirt, sand etc.) in the system shall be cleaned before installation.
  • The collector shall only be installed with original fittings.
  • Collector and connection parts shall be on the same axis. Flex installation not on the same axis shall not be applied.
  • Threads of the fittings shall be covered with suitable sealing materials (teflon tape).
  • Abrasive chemicals shall not be used to clean the collector.
  • System shall be protected against risk of freezing.
  • It shall be protected against external impacts during storage, shipping, installation and operation.