We are experiencing the excitement of participating in the ISH Fair, where we will bring Residence Silent Pipe Systems with 11 Db sound insulation to our customers for the first time, with our superstructure and infrastructure systems. Insulated Pex Al Pex Pipe Izopex, PPRC & Composite Pipes and Fittings (PN25 and PN20), PEX & PERT Pipes, Metal Systems, Press Fittings, Pex Al Pex & Pert Al Pert Pipes, Hose Group, HDPE Pipes and Fittings, EF Our booth, where we will exhibit Fittings and Triplex Waste Water Pipes and Fittings, will also include a 2500 mm diameter HDPE Pipe and a 500 m long solid HDPE Pipe produced for the Turkey-North Cyprus Water Supply Project.