Participating in the exhibition on an area of 90 square meters and demonstrating Pex Al Pex Tig Piping, PEX, PPRC, Composite, PVC Dublex-Residence Waste Water Piping Systems, Fırat Plastik AŞ also demonstrated the metal items which it commenced to manufacture in the last quarter of 2011 at the production facilities located in İstanbul, to the customers.

Users of FIRAT coming from different parts of the country met representatives of FIRAT and shared their experiences. FIRAT PLASTİK continues to offer services throughout Russia with representatives in 12 different cities of the country.

It was also pleasing to see numerous customers from Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Kirghizistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Moldova, Argentine, Mexico, Ivory Coasts and West Europe in addition to Russia visiting our booth and showing interest in our products.

FIRAT PLASTİK obtained positive signals from Russian market for 2012 and future with all products offered to Russian market, new Radiator Valves, Collectors, Ball Valves, Pex Piping Metal Fittings and all components of the value chain.