Participating in the Eurasia Agricultural Irrigation Fair held at Antalya Antexpo between 16-19 October with a 120 m2 booth, Fırat exhibited its innovative products.

Supplying Drip Irrigation and Sprinkler Pipe Systems to our farmers and agricultural production companies in the agricultural irrigation industry for more than 20 years, Fırat conveys Fırat quality to 20 countries by manufacturing flat drip irrigation pipes from Ø16 to Ø25, round drip irrigation pipes from Ø16 to Ø20 and sprinkler pipes from Ø50 to Ø160.

Moreover, our new drip irrigation pipe products of Ø25 12 mills and 24 mills wall thickness have been exhibited. We have extended our range of products as a company manufacturing in all diameters (Ø16-17-20-22-25) and wall thicknesses (6 -8-10-12-24 mills) with our latest investment “Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes”. R&D studies of our pressure adjusted products in the Flat and Round Drip Irrigation group have been completed, and we are delighted to share such products with you following the quality and test stages.

We would like to thank all our domestic and foreign customers and esteemed representatives of our industry who visited our booth.