Raw Material

Manufactured from PVC raw material, FIRAT Tunnel Type Pipe and Fittings have no adverse effects on human health.
PVC rawmaterial used in Tunnel Type Pipe and Fittings are purchased from companies such as PETKiM, ATOFINA, SABIC, SOLVAY etc. which are among the highest quality rawmaterial manufacturers in the world and all delivered rawmaterial are subjected to Acceptance Quality Control checks such as bulk density, partial size distribution, K value, viscosity number, moisture content.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

PVC is one of the most valuable chemical components of the world chemistry sector which is used widely in a large variety of sectors. Polyvinyl Chloride is among the leading amorphous plastics. It is a powder polymer in white or light yellow color. No physical structure changes occur due to high resistance against acids, bases, fire, alcohol and benzene.

PVC Raw Material Tests

Moisture Determination Test
Polyvinyl Chloride Formulation
Viscocity and K Number Test
Partial Size Distribution Test
Solvent and Mixer

PVC Rawmaterial Usage Areas

More than 50% of the products manufactured using PVC rawmaterial in the world is used in the construction sector. Since PVC-based products are convenient, easily mountable, sturdy and homogenous, they have displaced wood, concrete and clay which are traditional construction materials in many fields.

Products such as PVC-based door and window profile and sealing materials, pipe and installation materials, flooring materials, hobby materials, gutters and fittings, electrical cables and cable insulation materials, greenhouse protection materials, ceiling cladding, audio and video cassettes, long-plays, oxygen tents, blood and dialysis bags, serum hoses, waterproof raincoats, life vests, shoes and boots, aprons, baby clothes, toys, sports materials etc. are used in various areas mainly in construction sector and used in every moment of our daily lives. PVC-based products are considered as environment friendly since they are recyclable.

PVC Rawmaterial Usage Method

All rawmaterial used in FIRAT products is subjected to acceptance quality control tests.
With our modern production line, rawmaterial used in PVC pipe production are processed into profiles without contacting with air in any manner.
All rawmaterial and ratio formulations used in PVC pipe profiles are tested regularly at international independent laboratories and in our own laboratories.

PVC Rawmaterial Technical Data
Features Unit Value
Color   Blue
Form   Powder
Vicat Softening Point °C > 77
Elasticity Module Mpa > 2500