Today's civilization does not only provide us with quite new opportunities, but also the most developed comfort of human history. As a result of global changes, a new world, relying on energy and technological products, was established. Now every of us is required to demand and consume more.

This change compels people to pay inevitably. The failure to use resources in a sustainable manner and inadequate inspection of the technology that pollutes our environment causes a series of problems from global warming to the loss of fresh water resources, hence desertification. Significant enough is that these unfavorable affairs do not only affect humankind, but also our planet.

While manufacturing beneficial products for people, Fırat pursues use of resources properly and in a long-lasting manner and protection of natural life. Our policy includes the use of clean, sustainable energy, protection of our nature by offering durable products and producing solutions that prevent replenishment of our natural assets like wood. We sustain this general sensitivity with “Asrın Borusu Fırat” (Pipe of the Era - Fırat) that we manufactured in Mersin-Taşucu for “Asrın Projesi Kıbrıs” (Project of the Era - Cyprus).


1600 mm in diameter, 500 m in a single piece, 80.000 m in length
Due to its capacity to manufacture 160 uniform HDPE 100 pipes in the length of 500 m and in the diameter of 1600 mm with a project length of 80,000 m as well as its unprecedented success in PE Pipe that entered into world plastics literature, Fırat has become "HDPE Pipe Supplier" of the project. HDPE 100 pipeline that will pass through 250 m depth from the sea surface in a state of suspension features a first in the world.

We also sincerely support the efforts for the preservation and survival of "sea turtles", being the mascot of Mediterranean Games, which we had chance to get to know more closely due to this project. While they enjoy Mediterranean Sea as "special creatures", Pipes of the Era will carry the water need of Cyprus, i.e. "water of life" to the Island.

We know that sea turtles are indispensable links of life chain not only in Mediterranean Sea, but also throughout entire planet. We will continue to fulfill the duties that fall to our part for the preservation of this life chain!

Dr. Mehtap Uluceviz
FIRAT Infrastructure Mark. Man.