Technical Informations

Natural Gas Pipes are produced with PE 80 class raw material.  For this, worldwide-proven largest raw material companies.  Fırat PE Natural Gas Pipes are produced in Ø 20-630 mm diameter ranges and SDR 11 and SDR 17,6 dimensional ratios.  Fittings are only produced in SDR dimensional ratios with PE 100 raw material.

Also undertaking the responsibility of producing Electrofusion fittings for System Integrity, Fırat produces fittings at high safety levels with robotic full automated efimatic system.  Fittings are offered to the market upon having them produced under 100% control with Efimatic System.

PE pipe and fittings are produced as certified according to norms of TS EN 1555, ISO 4437, DVGW GW 335 A2 and DVGW GW 335 B2.