Technical Informations / Raw Material


Fırat Residence Power Pipe Sewage Systems are produced with the mix of U-PVC and vinyl-copolymer (FRVinylFlex®) raw materials.  Developed in the research and development laboratories of Fırat, FRVinylFlex is a mineral-based additive which provides the sound-proofing property to Residence sewage systems. 

FRVinylFlex is a vinlycopolymer enriched with several minerals at the molecular base. 


A polymer molecule is formed from combination of two different monomer, then it is called as copolymer.  Vinlycopolimer is formed with the combination of two different vinyl polymer. 


The polymerization of one vinyl chloride monomer CH2=CHCl forms the polyvinylchloride (PVC). 

Residence Power Pipe sewage systems produced from Fırat FRVinylFlex and PVC raw material do not pose any harmful effect on the human health.  They do not change the color, taste and smell of the water. 

FIRAT purchases the PVC raw material used in the Fırat Residence Pipe and Fittings from the quality-proven companies such as PETKIM, ARKEMA, EVC, SOLVIN, SABIC etc. who are the first choice raw material producers of the world and all raw materials received are subject to bulk density,  particle-size distribution, K-number, viscosity number, dew test in the Fırat labs.