Fırat Residence Power Pipe and Fittings is a sound proof sewage system with its perfect physical structure, since they are produced with mineral-reinforced FRVinylFlex and PVC raw materials mix.

Residence Power Pipe sewage pipe systems are ideal for structures such as villa and multi-floor houses, hospitals, hotels, industrial and sportive etc. with its features such as environment-friendly and economic and protecting its physical structure in every condition and maintains silent and secure drainage of foundation and indoor sewage waters without leaking for long-term uses.

Due to its mineral reinforced FRVinylFlex’s special formulate enhanced perfect physical structure, Residence Power Pipe sewage systems trap the hums and vibrations arising from water movements in the system inside the piping and therefore prevent noises.

Residence Power Pipe sewage systems are produced in BD application type wall thicknesses defined according to TS EN 1329-1 quality standard. Residence Power Pipe contributes in increasing both your quality of life and property value of your buildings, thanks to its superior physical qualities such as easy-to-mount, non-corrosive, smooth external and internal surfaces, no maintenance requirement, and no bacterial growth and smell formations as well as very high sound-tightness comparing to counterparts.

Residence Power Pipe sewage systems fulfill any sewage drainage needs in your buildings with its options; 50 – 315 mm for external diameter and 150- 6000 mm for length. Residence Power Pipe sewage systems is impermeable, by virtue of its ringed, double cheek seal and fully fitting seal housing. Fast and easy assembly. No requires effortful workmanships such as cutting, bending and sealing.

Produced from PVC, rich mineral reinforced FRVinylFlex raw material, Residence Power Pipe sewage systems complies with DIN 4102 standards and classified under B1 highly flame-retardant building material according to National Fire Regulation. Thanks to this feature Residence Power Pipe sewage systems do not burn in potential fires and do not allow flames passing between floors (PP-based products burn and they are flammable). Therefore, they are especially preferred in the multi-floor buildings.