The project is composed of building of a floating pumping station, installation of 3 parallel line FCS pipe, connecting the FCS pipes to the pumping station and to pump in water up to the level of water intake covers. In this project, the FCS - FIRAT Fibre Glass pipes have been used fort he first time in the world. (FIRAT Composite Pipe System).

BThe inner diameter of the pipe is 1200 mm, and the pressure class is 10 bar. The FCS Pipes have been preferred due to their advantages according to alternative pipe systems. The FCS pipes, which are going to be connected with belt welding method, has been placed on the lake floor by using S diving technique. The FCS boru pipe is a design which combines high density polyethilene within a pipe system. The pipes, which are being produced with cross spiral winding method, are thinner than the PE 100 pipes and more flexible that the GRP. The FCS pipes are beng able to be produced based on 4000 mm diameter and diameters and 25 bar operating pressure.